“An omnifunctional space that multiplies efficiency.

We take our selection of references very seriously. The objective is that you can find up to 80% of the materials that you are looking for in just one day’s work. Working spaces (workroom, offices, shooting point, etc.) are also assimilated in this constant search for efficiency.

We have various rooms that are perfect to work in. Whether you are alone or in a team, you can reserve the space for meetings, workshops, talks, interviews, events… or simply so that you have a place to work in.

Shooting point

You can take photos of your product, the materials and all the details. It’s a great tool to make your job easier.

Relax corner

At Funky Studio we also have an area to relax in, where you can sit down and have a coffee and get your energy back to continue working on your project.


Our Showroom has a wide selection of materials in it. You can find what your collection needs in just one visit.